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About Us


 Our goal at Equine Moments is to share one of a kind experiences with you.

Enhancing abilities to be confident, compassionate, learn problem-solving skills, work through anxious situations, manage emotions, work on self-worth, learn to trust and understand the unique bond between people who have common interests.

Equine Moments is a place to experience getting back to the basics, life lessons through association and foundation building within one's own self.

A little about the director 

Lisa is the director at Equine Moments. She has been around horses for over 40 years. Lisa showed the English and Western  Morgan class-A circuit alongside her brothers and sisters who also developed a love of Equines. After she got married and had a child, she focused on teaching her daughter the fundamentals of horses.  Lisa has a sense of longing to pass her gift and knowledge on to adults and children. The farm to her is an emotional sanctuary and outlet.  Lisa believes it is crucial for everyone to have a sense of self-love and a place to escape the natural hustle and bustle of everyday life.  

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